Creamed Sunchokes and Parsnips

I had never really eaten sunchokes OR parsnips before.  They don't really show up in Asian cooking, so it's only recently that I've been experimenting with them.  My friend Amaya suggested I eat creamed parsnips, so I thought I could also add some other fun stuff.  I also had the added joy of having a tooth pulled when I created this recipe, so I was really focusing on nutrient dense, easy to blend foods.  

Sunchokes, are also called Jeruselum artichokes, are known for their prebiotic qualities.  They help feed our healthy gut bacteria.  They are also high in fiber and have a wonderful sweet note. 

Parsnips are also a root vegetable, and look much like a carrot, but the texture is slightly different.  They are high in fiber, folate, vitamin C and potassium.  One of my clients loves cutting them into strips and making parsnip fries!  

Parsley is another great way to add nutrients as a garnish.  They fit the idea of Belly Boosters, which are foods that can add nutrition to an already lovely dish.  Parsley is related to celery (their leaves look super similar) and is a GREAT source of vitamin K, vitamin C, carotenes and folate.  There are a ton of dishes where parsley is the star (tabouli for example), but it also makes an awesome edible garnish.  

Enjoy creaming these guys, I found this dish to be rather sweet, and it was really nice paired with a salty steak :) 

Can you guess which one is the sunchoke and which one is the parsnip?   

Can you guess which one is the sunchoke and which one is the parsnip?


Ingredients (Serves 3-4)

Creamed Sunchoke and Parsnips with Steak Strips

Creamed Sunchoke and Parsnips with Steak Strips

5-6 medium size sunchokes, (peeled the best you can)

5-6 medium size parsnips, peeled if skins look old 

1/4-1/2 cup broth or filtered water 

1 handful parsley 

4-5 cloves garlic 

salt and pepper to taste 

1 large pat of butter (more if necessary, you can also substitute coconut oil or ghee) 


1) Heat oven to 375.  On a large baking pan, place parsnips and sunchokes.  

2) Bake for 30-40 minutes until you can stick a fork through easily.  

3)  Using a blender or an immersion blender, add 1/4 cup broth and butter, blend until smooth.  Add more liquid or butter/fat if desired.

4)  Add handful of parsley and a pinch of salt and pepper, blend again.  Taste.  Experiment until you find the right taste for you!

5)  Serve!