Nourishing and Sustainable Weight Loss

Holistic Weight Loss is NOT about deprivation, or self control, or spending hours on the treadmill working off your last meal. These ideas are old news and they function on shame and guilt. Enough of this. Losing weight and having a healthy vibrant life is about learning how to truly nourish yourself with your food and with your LIFE. Get the tools you need to start tapping into the true power you have over your own health.

Pantry Face Lifts and Home Consultations

houseDoes your home need an overhaul?  We'll get rid of what you don't need, shop for what you do, and work on making your kitchen an awesome place to hang out and make some great tasting food.  

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Spring Health Fair!

comment_bubbleHolistic Health Spring Fair

April 5th 11-1 p and 2-4 pm

Awaken Chiropractic

3515 Grand Ave

Complimentary lectures, consultations, and treatments 



Nourished Cooking Classes Returning!

calendarSunday, April 6th, from 2:30-5:30 PM.  

Gut Bacteria and Making Sauerkraut.... 

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