Workshops / Classes



As a former teacher, I LOVE giving lectures and food demonstrations!  Have you ever been to a lecture where the presenter gave WAY too much information, or just didn’t know how to convey information to that particular audience?  These are the very things that when you teach kids, you soon realize when you start to lose their attention.  I definitely learned in the classroom how to provide information that appeals to all individuals.

My favorite topics to talk about are nutrition related and self growth related, since these are the two areas that I am constantly working on with myself.  I don’t claim to be an expert in anything, but I have definite ideas from my own education and studies, and my own experiments with my health that I think are valuable, and through my work, I’ve seen them make a difference for people.  My passion is to share them with the world.

Past topics have included:

  • The Dangers of Processed Foods
  • The Myths of Food Labeling
  • Eating for Fat Loss
  • Eating for Metabolism
  • Self Identity
  • Sugar


As an educator, I’m always looking to make the biggest impact on the largest amount of people.  Cooking Demos are one way to do it.  Nothing translates as quickly into doing something in the kitchen yourself when you actually SEE it’s done.

I’ve done demos at WIC sites, to corporate events, to client appreciation events, and for my own cooking classes.  Not only are they fun, but they are effective.   Many people write me and thank me for the recipes after trying things out in their own kitchen.  I love doing them because I can add in nutrition information while I’m demonstrating, so it’s multiple lessons at once.

Cooking Classes

I love love love cooking classes. They are the quickest way to learn skills in the kitchen, and then translate them to your own home.  As a client, there are options to add private cooking classes, and if you've never worked with me before, you can ask me about my private cooking class series.  We look at what you already know, and then work to expand your knowledge using nutrition and traditional foods education.