One of my favorite activities when I was teaching fourth grade, was to sum up a book in 10 words or less.  So, I'll take that same idea and try to tell you a little bit more about myself in 10 words: 

Joyful. Nourished. Educator. Community. Mover. Student. Mindful. Purpose. Healing. Love.

I love this activity because you have to boil down who you are to the most important, the most foundational pieces of who you are. These 10 words apply to every single thing that I do, through all my different lives:  growing up in a small suburb of Toledo, OH, going to college in and exploring North Carolina, exploring my roots living in Taiwan, living in NYC, discovering Capoeira, being an elementary school teacher, and finally, moving to California to work on farms and kitchens and attend nutrition school at Bauman College. These were the common threads that ran through each phase of my life. 

Now those words are how I approach my life's work of coaching and teaching others about holistic nutrition, movement, and capoeira. Health isn't about counting calories, or minutes on a treadmill, or forcing and shaming yourself to do anything. It's about first learning what you need to do, and then it's about cultivating your interests in self care and finding what excites you, and finding what makes you in the FLOW.  For me, this is the ultimate goal.  You CAN find this when it comes to taking care of yourself, and nourishing yourself, and with the right education (which I focus on traditional foods, nutrient density, movement) and support, this is what I guide people to discover for themselves.  I look forward to meeting and talking with you.

My other passion is teaching Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art form, to adults in the East Bay.  We focus on using capoeira as a vehicle to create transformation in people's lives through a strong community and focus on movement, music, and culture.  You can find out more about my school at

If you are interested in my education at all, you'll find a list of how I've chased my curiosity throughout the years, and my latest interests....

BA in Public Policy, Duke University. 

MA Childhood Education as a NYC Teaching Fellow, Brooklyn College.

Nutrition Consultant Certification, Bauman College

Transformational Coaching Method, Holistic MBA

Aston Fitness Certification, Judith Aston  (Working on alignment through specific exercises)

Massage School at McKinnon (just started!)