Looking for more information on health and living an epic life? Take home one of my books!

Living Your Epic Life,  combines the talents and insight of Tammy and colleague and life coach Stephanie CN.  It’s full of exercises to provide reflection on what’s going on in your current life, and what actions steps to take for the future.

The 10 Day Kick the Sugar Challenge is an ebook based on a program that I run every year with clients to kickstart a transformation into healthy eating.  You’ll get detailed descriptions of how I guide participants through this journey, and what I find helpful in my own life!

The Nourished Belly Diet, is a book that I consider a labor of love.  It contains my nutrition philosophy, the main tenets of what I teach my clients, and tons of recipes, many of them influenced by my mother and my Taiwanese heritage.   It's a happy accomplishment that I am so happy to share with the world.  

The Gastroparesis Healing Diet, is a book for those suffering with gastroparesis.  This book, however, can also be helpful for anyone suffering from severe digestive diseases, and needing a little guidance to find out what foods work best for them. 


The book is not about fad eating, or calorie restriction, it’s about using traditional foods (like bone broth and ferments)  to add nutrients into our diet and to help us crowd out all the junky stuff.  And of course, it’s about holistic health too, because we know that our health depends on more than just what we eat.

The Nourished Belly's 10 Day Kick the Sugar Challenge

Learn how to Kick the Sugar for 10 Days with The Nourished Belly's 10 Day Kick the Sugar Challenge.  You'll learn how to eat, and what sugar does to that precious body of yours!  Get started on the path to feeling better and treating yourself right! 

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Gastroparesis is a condition that is still not very well researched, but those diagnosed with it can really struggle with their digestive issues.  Essentially, those diagnosed with gastroparesis have mild to severe motility issues with their stomach.  

This book, speaks to approaching gastroparesis holistically.  How do we approach figuring out how to eat that works for you individually, and also look at how to approach disease by improving all aspects of life.  

Live Your Most Epic Life E-book


I co-wrote this book with the amazing and wonderful Stephanie CN.  Do you ever have those friends who, after having coffee with them you always feel as if you can take over the world?  This is how I feel with Stephanie.  This book, is the culmination of our bi-weekly conversations over coffee over a two year period.  

This book is filled with not only our hearts and souls, but with great self assessments and exercises to help you align with your true purpose and move toward the life you want. Don't miss out! 

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