Food Discoveries: Bananas

Bananas are EVERYWHERE.  Even where I grew up in Ohio, where winter lingered for 9 months out of the year, we always had access to bananas.  The one fruit that you'll find in convenience stores and gas stations are bananas.   But, have you ever seen a banana tree in the US?  Outside of maybe Florida?  Ever wonder where the bananas that we eat everyday come from?  Take a look as my friend Christie Biddle, a fruit buyer for Earl's Organics, tells us how bananas get to us in the Bay Area!

But What About Potassium?

Many people eat bananas only because they want to add potassium in their diet. (Which by the way, most of us need to do!)  I know my mother does exactly that, and she doesn't even like bananas.   But ALL fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium.  Potassium helps us balance sodium, and helps us protect blood vessels from oxidation, balances our bodily fluids, and helps keep our brains, nerves and heart functioning properly.   Instead of bananas, reach for sweet potatoes, avocados, swiss chard, spinach, and crimini mushrooms.

Bananas are a Cooling Food

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, bananas are a cooling food. Which makes total sense, since they are grown in the tropics, they help to cool those that eat them.  For us in colder climates, it doesn't make as much sense to eat cooling foods, especially when we are trying to stay warm in the cooler months.

So Should I Never Eat Bananas?

I never say never.  Never is a an extreme place to sit and sometimes, I just want a banana.  When I'm in a tropical place, I gorge on them.  The purpose of this post is just to bring more awareness into the choices that we make every day in our lives.  We have power in what we choose to eat to support sustainable methods of distribution and farming.  Power to the Eater!