Sautéed Tokyo Turnips


If you are like most people....the idea of turnips isn't super appetizing.  I tend to think of Peter Rabbit stealing turnips from his neighbor (is that the right reference??), so maybe more food for rabbits than for people.  

However, Tokyo Turnips will change your mind, pretty much guaranteed.  These little bulbs of goodness have a sweet, juicy texture that are so darn delicious.  I sometimes just sauté them up as a snack because I don't want to mix their flavor with anything else.  Plus you can cook the greens, and sometimes I use them at separate times.  I love throwing the greens into a soup right before I eat it, they add some beautiful color and cook super quick in just boiled soup.  

Here is a basic recipe, but feel free to experiment with different cuts and you can roast them too!  


1 bunch tokyo turnips (I prefer to look for small golf ball or smaller size turnips)

1 large pat butter, ghee, or coconut oil 

Salt and pepper to taste 


1) Wash turnips and greens thoroughly.  They are pulled from the ground so tend to be a bit sandy.  

2)  Cut each bulb with greens in half.  

3) Heat a medium size sauté pan over medium heat. 

4)  Add a large pat of butter, ghee or coconut oil.  

5)  Place in tokyo turnips, cook each side for roughly 1 minute or until a fork slides nicely through the bulb.  

6)  Salt and pepper to taste


You can also play around with the bulbs this way.....