I truly enjoy mentoring others to start their own nutrition coaching businesses.  As someone that started two businesses from scratch and had absolutely no business background, I had no idea how to start.  Lots of people are out there telling you what to do, and a LOT of it is based in fear.  Entrepreneurs are really easily scared into thinking that they will go broke!   I tried a lot of different programs and listened to a lot of different people, and in hindsight, instead of spending all that money, I wish I would have found an inspirational person that I got along well with, and asked them to mentor me.

So, here I am, offering myself up as a mentor to those of you that are looking to start a nutrition coaching business and also vibe with the info and energy that surrounds my practice.

Nutrition Business Mentoring with me would be a good fit for you if:

  • You are interested in starting your own private nutrition coaching practice.

  • You are feeling overwhelmed with the practicalities of starting your own coaching business: website, book keeping, insurance, taxes.

  • You are unsure of how to facilitate coaching sessions.

  • Knowing where to get clients seems intimidating.

  • You are unclear about the types of programs that you would offer.

  • You would like to understand how to price your services

  • You would like an experienced ear to help guide you through the steps of starting your own business.


Here's a little bit about my own journey in starting my business!

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