Getting Started

You are here!  On this page, reading these words!  You must be here for a reason, you want to change something, right?  Well, how do you start?  Below are some ways to get started: 

1) This Website! This is a great first place to start.  Click around, watch some videos, read some blog posts, make a recipe.  It's free, and before I post anything, I always ask myself: What do people need to know to be informed about their health?  

2)  Check out my book, The Nourished Belly Diet.  If you really want a DIY step by step guide, The Nourished Belly Diet is the way to go.  I'm really proud of this work, and it goes into detail the education I pass on to my clients, plus there's 21 days of menus, and lots and lots of my favorite recipes.  Plus, my love is in there!  

3)  Apply for a Complimentary Session.  If you are at all interested in making some major changes to the way you eat and the way you live your life, then let's have a casual conversation about what you want, and you get to hear from me about how I work with people.  If our personalities match, and I can give you what you need...then we'll talk about possibilities!  


Nourished Belly Recipes


Here are some of my favorite recipes in the kitchen! Recipes are great places to get ideas and start from, but don't feel intimidated if you don't have all the ingredients.  Play around a bit, and keep tasting and adding, and tasting and adding.  Pretty soon, you'll be whipping up your own creations!

Nourished Belly Blog


Want to know what nourished belly living is about? The Nourished Belly Blog is a great place to start.  

The Nourished Belly Diet


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